Tuesday, November 22, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge: Day 21

If you're just joining the conversation, you can read all about the $4/day challenge I have embarked on this month!  Today officially marks 3 weeks of the challenge with only 1 week left! 

Breakfast (9 am)
English Muffins w/ Scrambled Eggs & Hashbrowns
Total Cost: $1.52
We had some of the English Muffins that I made yesterday with scrambled eggs, and leftover mashed potatoes for hash browns.  All and all, it was a pretty easy weekday breakfast, and took all of 10 minutes to throw together. Again, a pretty inexpensive breakfast for two people! 

Lunch (1:12 pm) & Dinner (6:18 pm)
Leftover Roasted Chicken w/ Tea
Total Cost: $4.37
I could eat leftover chicken or turkey for days.  It's one of my favourite things ever so having this for both lunch and dinner was not a hardship in any way for me!  I was actually sad when we ate the last of it. Marc was working late tonight, so I brought him his dinner along with some tea! 
Total time spent preparing food today: 10 minutes
Total Food Cost: $5.89 or $2.95 per person
Over/Under Budget: $4.11 or $2.06 per person

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