Thursday, November 17, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge: Day 16

Today was a crazy busy day with meetings around the clock!  As a result, on the door I grabbed the only food I had in the house that didn't require cooking - a pear.  I was hoping to make a fresh pear tart for breakfast one day this week, but a fresh pear was pretty great too.  If you're just joining the conversation you can catch up here!  
Breakfast (9 am)
1 Pear
Total Cost: $0.72

Lunch (1:12 pm) & Dinner (6pm)
Homemade Lasagna
Total Cost: $5.84
This lasagna wasn't my typical - generally we load ours up with our favourite mozza cheese, spinach, ricotta, freshly sautéed mushrooms (for Marc's side), onions, and loads of beef and fresh herbs.  Since we were on a budget this month, I used a scaled down version of my favourite tomato sauce, a little less meat than usual, and lots of homemade noodles because they are pretty much the least expensive food ever to make. We also only had a sprinkle of cheese vs our usual full ball of mozza. It was still a really filling a great meal, making me wonder if all my usual additives are really all that necessary.  
Total time spent preparing food today: 20 minutes
Total Food Cost: $6.56 or $3.28 per person
Over/Under Budget: $1.44 or $0.72 per person

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