Tuesday, November 8, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge: Day 7

Today marks 1/4 way through the challenge and the end of the first official week.  I have to say that we are doing much better with the budget than I had originally thought we would.  Though the first few days were a bit high, we managed to make everything stretch really well throughout the week bringing our total meal cost each day lower and lower.  You can read my thoughts on the first quarter of this challenge in a re-cap post here
Today was a much cheaper day than most for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, Marc wasn't feeling great today and had a huge migraine as a result. Unfortunately, he gets intense migraines every few months or so and has as long as I've known him. Whenever he gets a migraine the only thing that makes him feel better is sleep so as a result he usually doesn't anything all day.  As it happened, most of my breakfast and lunch ended up being curtosy of friends, so our only real meal cost today was dinner and snacks.  
Breakfast (10 am)
1 Banana, 2 Oranges, and Coffee w/Cream and Sugar
Total Cost: $0.85

This morning I had a meeting with a friend at his office, so on the way out the door I scarfed a banana and a couple of oranges. I was running late so I didn't have time to snap a pic first.  Usually whenever we meet we go to one of the local coffee shops and grab a coffee or breakfast, but in keeping with the challenge we met at the office instead.  Luckily Sarah at Stop Nothing But Time also works at that office, and since she's been on a huge homemade kick that focuses on eliminating convince foods, they had freshly brewed coffee, real cream (oh how I've missed real cream!) and sugar in the back room so I enjoyed a cup while I was there. Did I mention I really miss cream?

Lunch (11:30 am)
Gluten Free Biscuits, Jam, and Honey w/ Tea
Total Cost: $0

My second meeting of the day was with my good friend Chris over at Infinite Possibilities & Reike. I was helping her set up her new Facebook page for her business, and much to my delight she had fresh, warm biscuits in the oven and some of the best tasting honey I have ever had.  Since this meeting was around lunch time, I ended up skipping lunch and heading to my next meeting.  

Dinner (5:30 pm)
Homemade Mac and Cheese
Total Cost: $1.20

The fact that this Mac and Cheese only cost a mere $0.60 per person was a huge revelation for me.  That's a huge bowl of macaroni that would rival the boxed variety any day. In my hometown a basic box of Mac and Cheese costs around $2 per box, which was MIND BLOWING to me. I remember it being less than $5 to buy a case (12 boxes) in the 90's, which makes me feel all of about 900 years old! I've made some really healthy meals filled with protein, veggies, etc. for well under $2 per serving so to say that it's cheaper to eat convenience foods is a bit of a myth to say the least!  
Snack (8:00 pm)

Brown Sugar Shortbread
Total Cost: $1.35
I ended up halving this recipe and using brown sugar instead of icing sugar.  It worked quite well, it just resulted in a bit denser of a cookie. Once the cookies were baked, a halved the recipe and froze the rest of them for another day. 

Total time spent preparing food today:  25 minutes

Total Daily Meal Cost: $1.70/person ($3.40 total)

Under Budget: $2.30/person ($4.60 total)


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