Saturday, November 12, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge: Day 11

Well today marks Day 11 of the challenge!  If you're just joining the conversation, you can get up to speed here
Marc made 2 more loaves of bread last night, so we had a pretty bread heavy day today.  We're eating about 2 loaves of bread on average per week which is about double what we normally eat, but it's inexpensive, easy, and fills us up quickly. 

Breakfast (10:45 am)
Toast w/ Peanut Butter +
Coffee w/ Milk and Sugar
Total Cost: $0.57

Lunch (10:45 am)
Shepherd's Pie
Total Cost: $3.15
This was the last of the leftovers from yesterday.

(5:30 pm)
Macaroni and Cheese
Total Cost: $0.60
We had a couple of servings of this Macaroni and Cheese left over on Day 7, so we froze it with a buttered bread crumb topping and made it au gratin style tonight.  
Snack (9:00 pm)
Bread w/ Butter 
Total Cost: $0.25
I was really eyeing up the honey in the cupboard when making this.  Alas, it was not part of the challenge this month.  At around $7-8 for a small tub of it, it's something I would have to budget for, for sure. 

Homemade Iced Tea
Total Cost: $0.45
Iced tea is truly one of my favourite drinks.  I really dislike the artificial taste of most commercial iced teas though, and honestly it's really simple to make from scratch. 
I made this recipe, excluding the lemon.  

Total time spent preparing food today:  10 minutes
Total Daily Meal Cost: $2.81/person ($5.62 total)

Under Budget: $1.19/person ($2.38 total)

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