Sunday, November 20, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge: Day 19

If you're just joining the conversation, you can read all about the challenge here
Otherwise, here's today's menu!

Breakfast (9 am)
2 Sliced Oranges and 1 Pear w/ Coffee
The oranges lasted 22 days, which was really nice. I don't generally calculate how long food lasts in our house, so it was a nice surprise to know that we could purchase fruit and it's still edible over 3 weeks later!  I'll be keeping this in mind whenever I see sales, or local discount days. 
Total Cost: $0.97

Lunch (1:20 pm)
Potato Skins
Total Cost: $2.48
We made these minus the green onion and bacon, but still had sour cream from earlier this month so they made for a great lunch!  I saved the leftovers (about half) for breakfast tomorrow - these will be great with a fried egg and a piece of toast in the morning! 
Afternoon Snack (4:00pm)
Coffee and Popcorn
Total Cost: $1

I went to my very first meat draw at our local legion with my friend Sarah from Stop Nothing But Time. The legion had coffee by donation, which Sarah bought (thanks Sarah!) and since they had real cream, I maybe had 3 coffees while I was there.  They also had popcorn for $1 so I purchased that and we noshed on it while we waited for our chance to win! 

Evening Snack (8:00pm)
Spinach Dip and French Bread
Total Cost: $0
We went sledding with friends tonight, and before we went out we stopped by their place for a couple of drinks and appetizers.  I'm not much of a drinker but Marc had a couple of beers and I noshed on some tasty spinach dip! 

Total time spent preparing food today: 0 minutes
Total Food Cost: $4.45 or $2.22 per person
Over/Under Budget: $3.55 or $1.11 per person

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