Sunday, November 4, 2018

Salted Dry Caramel

It was back in 2011, during my first year of blogging, that I first attempted to make a caramel sauce.
Back then I didn’t know the difference between wet and dry caramel. After attempting a few
different recipes and failing hard (have you ever seized sugar before? It’s not pretty), I found success
in an unlikely place – a recipe that ended up being a mash up of Martha Stewart’s favourite caramel
recipe… and Jimmy Fallon’s. This recipe has served me well - I’ve used it as a topping for lattes, ice
cream Sundays, cupcakes, and even popcorn on one occasion. Though my trusted Frankenstein of
recipes calls for the candy thermometer I can never find, and burns quicker than the window to use a
ripe avocado, it has been my go to recipe for all things caramel for the past 7 years. That was until I
discovered the beauty of dry caramel this summer. What is the difference between wet and dry caramel? I’m glad you asked.
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