Sunday, November 12, 2017

Lobster Chowder

This is a rich chowder packed with hearty bits of lobster. It can be served in smaller bowls as a side dish, or larger bowls as the main course. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Alberta Style Beef on a Bun

While I’ve called Western Alberta my home for most of my life, I spent a year living in Southern Alberta back in the early 2000’s. For that brief moment in time, Hanna was where I called home. 

While living there, I noticed that every single local event, fundraiser, rummage sale, rodeo, or business barbecue I attended involved a Southern Alberta staple – “Alberta Style Beef on a Bun”.  It didn’t matter if it was summer, fall, winter, or spring, if you were having an event in Hanna, this style of beef on a bun would be there.

Most beef on a bun recipes involve thinly shaved slices of roasted beef, topped with barbecue sauce, and nestled on a bun.  Alberta Style Beef on a Bun is unique in that it involves slow cooking the beef in a homemade barbecue sauce, and shredding the beef rather than slicing it. The result is a sweet, smoky, melt in your mouth beef on a bun experience.

Though it’s been several years since I lived in Hanna, and a solid few years since I’ve had a chance to visit, whenever I make this recipe I’m transported back to the year I spent there. I reminisce about all of the great memories that I made, most of them accompanying a bun or two topped with this Hanna hometown favourite.   

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