Friday, November 11, 2016

CWJ Food Bank Challenge Day 10

This month I've challenged myself to survive off a $4/day grocery budget.  You can read the overview of the challenge here
Breakfast (8-10 am)
Coffee and Tea w/ milk, sugar
Total Cost: $0.42

I am really missing real cream today.  It makes a huge difference on how much I enjoy my coffee each morning. I have been drinking a lot more tea vs coffee as a result (I find that I tea tastes better with milk).  I want cream.  Badly.
Lunch (2 pm)
Toast w/ Peanut Butter
Total Cost: $0.46

I was really craving toast with a little butter and honey, but I settled for peanut butter instead (more protein at least).  Usually when I make peanut butter toast, I add a healthy portion of hemp hearts to the it for added protein. I'm really craving/missing some of my favourite foods today, that's for sure! 

Dinner (2 pm)
Shepherd's Pie
Total Cost: $3.15

This recipe is one of Marc's favourite low cost recipes. We made 4 large servings, freezing 2 of the servings for a future meal. The only adaptation I made to fit within the budget was leaving out the worcestershire sauce just because I didn't have any.  If I were to do this challenge again next month - both soya sauce and worcestershire sauce would definitely be at the top of my grocery list. 
Total time spent preparing food today:  20 minutes
Total Daily Meal Cost: $2.01/person ($4.03 total)

Under Budget: $1.99/person ($3.97 total)

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