Friday, November 21, 2014

Perfectly Poached Eggs

- buttered toast
- asparagus
- poached eggs* (see below)
- parmesan or gruyere cheese
- salt and pepper, to taste

I have a secret to share with you all.  The secret of perfectly poached eggs!  I've always been a huge fan of eggs cooked in this style, thought I have to admit, it has always felt like a bit of a fine art cooking them perfectly every single time.  They always cooked okay, but never looked as beautiful as I thought they should - mine always turned out a bit ragged no matter how hard I tried to keep the eggs contained while cooking.  That is until I started cracking the eggs into a mesh strainer to get rid of the whispy little egg bits - now I  get perfectly poached eggs every single time!  


Fill a medium saucepan with a few of inches of water.  Heat on high until it barely reaches a simmer (you don't want too many bubbles or your eggs will end up all over the place). 

Working with only 1 egg at a time, crack egg into a fine mesh strainer (placed over a bowl) to get rid of the wispy egg bits.  Gently place eggs in boiling water, cover with a lid.  Lower heat to low, and cook for 4 minutes until the whites are cooked through. Gently lift the eggs out of the water with a slotted spoon.



  1. I have never actually poached an egg before!! This looks delicious, especially with the asparagus!

    1. Thanks! :) If you're a fan of soft boiled eggs or eggs over easy you would love poached eggs!

  2. I finally tried my hand at poaching eggs freestyle last weekend. I think it worked well except that the egg wasn't so fresh and the whites scattered a bit. I've never thought of doing it this way...I must find myself a mini strainer now!

  3. Amazing! I am going to try this :) for my boyfriend :) As i dont eat eggs ;)

  4. perfectly poached eggs are a thing of beauty, aren't they Jax? It is one of those random cooking skills that I am surprisingly really good at. But I'm vegan, and my husband hates poached eggs, so I have no one to cook them for these days! Such a shame. ;)

    1. I love how food is like artwork sometimes! Definitely some beautiful vegan dishes out there too! :)

  5. Would you be kind to post a video (or step-by-step photos)? I love poached eggs and have even tried poaching using a ladle, but it barely worked.


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