Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Vegan Thanksgiving

Though I'm not vegan myself, I often enjoy vegetarian and vegan meals.  Over the past few months I've made a few vegan recipes that really fit well with the overall theme of Thanksgiving.  I thought I would put them together in a roundup for all of my vegetarian and vegan readers to enjoy!  A special thanks to my vegan friend Lisa for all of her advice while I was putting together these recipes.  

Have a happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  


Not only does this dish serve as an excellent main course for vegetarians and vegans alike, the filling can also double as a stuffing or dressing for guests that are gluten free.  Full of holiday inspired flavours, this is the perfect dish to accompany any Thanksgiving feast. 

Vegan Gravy
Your guests won't believe that this gravy doesn't contain any meat products whatsoever.  It's rich complexity of flavours is so satisfying, even the non-vegans at the table are bound to be reaching for seconds!  

This recipe is my favourite use of carrots by far.  The sweet glaze is cut perfectly by the tang of balsamic vinegar, and a beautiful presentation is really easy to achieve. In this recipe, swap the honey for agave nectar or simply add more brown sugar. 

This is one of my all-time favourite salad recipes.  It comes from my husband's Uncle Frank, who is the salad dressing connoisseur of the family.  This greek salad dressing is the king of all salad dressings.  Simply swap the feta cheese for your favourite vegan alternative, or omit it completely. 

This is one dessert that is so rich and satisfying, it's almost hard to believe that it contains no dairy and is actually quite healthy for you. The first time I made it for my husband, I didn't tell him what it was made of, and he thought it was one of the best chocolate puddings he had ever had.  Hint - freeze any leftovers into popsicle molds for a delicious fudgesicle treat!



  1. All your recipes look awesome - even the vegan ones. I've tried a few in the past and loved them all. If only you lived in New Hampshire, I would volunteer to be your taste tester!

  2. Everything sounds so tasty! You really got me with the Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash, and your Chocolate Avocado Pudding. They'd be perfect for Christmas. Thanks for the recipes!

  3. Nice round up! Any of these dishes would fit well with holiday dinners.


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