Friday, March 21, 2014

Friends & Family Series: Tina's Homemade Hamburger Helper

Hi guys!  I'm on vacation right now so I've asked my friend's and family to step in while I'm away!  Each day that I am gone, I will be sharing a recipe from one of my friends or family members.  I started this project with no clear goals, I was just hoping to fill a few of the recipe gaps while I was away.  I received an overwhelming response from everyone, and I am truly honoured and excited to be able to share with you so many great recipes made by so many of my favourite people!  Please enjoy their recipes and be sure to leave them comments at the end of their posts!  

Tina is my Sister-in-Law and Mom to our three beautiful and adorable nieces!  She's one of my favourite people and has an extremely hilarious sense of humour!  Every single time something funny happens I immediately have to tell her about it!  We've shared many giggles over the years, and I'm really excited to be sharing one of her recipe with you all today! She's one of the first people I asked cooking advice when I first married my husband, and to this day some of the recipes she shared with me during those early years of marriage are still our favourites!  This recipe is great because a) all of my nieces love it (and you know how picky kids can be, let alone 3 of them at once!) and b) because it's something easy that you can make with ingredients you probably already have!  You can mix it up to suit your preferences (or to use up whatever you already have in the house). I hope you enjoy her recipe as much as I do! 

I make my own hamburger helper and the kids love it (in fact, they even asked for seconds!). 

- 1 lb ground beef with chopped onions cooked in it
- Noodles (any kind you want) almost a full box of a small box of pasta, your preference
- 2 cans tomato soup
- Shredded cheese


Mix the browned meat and onions with the pasta together in a casserole with the tomato soup.

Add some of the shredded cheese to the mixture. 

Sprinkle some more shredded cheese on top.

Put in 350-375 degree oven for about 25 minutes. 

Then yummo the kids fav is done!  


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