Monday, March 31, 2014

Catelli: Feed the Hope

This post contains sponsored content.  A huge thanks to my friends at Catelli, without the help of brands like theirs, I would not be able to take the time to share recipes with you all!  

Help Feed the Hope with Catelli®

Catelli®, one of the leading pasta brands in Canada, is now running its annual program “Feed the Hope”.

Within this campaign Catelli is committed to reach the goal of donating 1 million servings of pasta to families in need in Canada. All donations will be provided to Canadian food banks.

How can you help Catelli® reach the goal of 1 million portions to families in need?

Well, it’s easy! You can either buy a box of Catelli® pasta or do ONE of the following actions on Catelli’s Facebook page:

-       Like the Catelli Page:
-       Like the post about the Feed the Hope program
-       Give your support about the program in the comments under the post

As a reward you will have access to the Free Cookbook with gourmet meals created by Canadian chefs!

What is more – if you share the cookbook or a recipe from it with your friends on Facebook, that’s also support and that’s also new servings donated!

Catelli®’s Facebook page:

The Feed the Hope page:

Every action counts!


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