Monday, May 14, 2012

Something Different Around Here...

So you might notice something different around here lately!   I had Melissa over at Cherry on Top Blog Designs do what she does best - design a whole new look for Cooking With Jax.  While I was pretty  happy with the blog template I was using before - it was a pre-made template that came with Blogger so I occasionally saw it on other blogs as well.  I wanted not only to clean up the look of my blog, but to have something completely unique that I wouldn't see anywhere else.  I consulted with Melissa and she came up with a design that I absolutely love and reflects my personality. 

Some may call me a perfectionist (ok, I can be really picky) so you can appreciate the task that Melissa had!  She was wonderful every step of the way, always cheerful, and always ready to help with my requests.  She didn't stop until the design was absolutely perfect and I was 100% satisfied.  Once she got to work on the blog, I couldn't believe how quick she responded with different changes.  We e-mailed back and forth over a dozen times in the span of an evening, and from start to finish we were done in a matter of a few days.  I am really happy that I went with her and would recommend her to anyone looking to have work done on their blog.  It was great that we are in different countries, but it was just as easy as dealing with someone local.

You can find Melissa's personal blog at and her blog shoppe at

A big thanks to Bakeaholic Mama for sending me in Melissa's direction.  Be sure to check out her amazing new blog design as well!  

This is only the start of more exciting things to come for Cooking With Jax... stay tuned!  :) 

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