Monday, May 28, 2012

Re-grow Romaine Lettuce

I saw something quite similar to this on Pinterest awhile back.  It was with celery  - since I absolutely DESPISE celery, you can understand why I didn't experiment with it instead. 

When we had Uncle Frank over for our first BBQ of the year a couple weeks back, I saved the bottom of the romaine lettuce that I purchased from the store and stuck it in a cup of fresh water on the windowsill above my sink.  I've made sprouts at home before so I know it's really important to rinse and change the water each day. I applied the same concept to the stem by replacing the water and rinsing the base each morning.  Almost right away I saw some growth, but after going away with Heather last weekend I came home to actual baby romaine leaves!  I can't wait to try this with different types of lettuce, and maybe even stick the base in my garden... 

Have you tried this before?  If so what did you re-grow?

xoxo Jax


  1. Awesome idea! Starting one tonight!

    1. Thanks :) Mine is still growing away on the windowsill - I'll be planting it in my garden any day now!

  2. I wonder if this could work even with it chilly outside?


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