Sunday, November 3, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals: October 2013

This month my Foodie Pen Pal Package was put together and sent by CeeCee from Within the Kitchen.  She sent me some truly amazing stuff! 

Chocolate - I mean hello, the greatest thing ever to include in any kind of package to someone. 
Chickpea Curry - I really enjoy curry and last year I tried chickpea curry at the Canada Day Festival in my hometown - the recipe on the back of this package looks really similar so I'm excited to try it! 
Beans -  We cook a lot of soups and stews this time of year so I'm sure these will get used sooner!
Blueberry Sea Salt - One of the very first foodie pen pal packages I received contained a floral sea salt made by the same local company.  It was an awesome salt and went really well on popcorn.  I was over the moon when I saw this container of blueberry sea salt - my popcorn was never be the same without it.
Fig Butter - I had a delicious pastry at a conference this past September that was made with figs and I immediately thought of it when I saw this fig butter.  I'm going to try and recreate the pastry later this month and post the results, so thank you CeeCee for including this! 
Strawberry Jam - This jam tastes wonderful - it nicely captures the taste of fresh BC strawberries.  I've hidden this in the back of the fridge in hopes that Marc doesn't find it and eat the entire jar (he's a bit of of a jam fiend).  I hope to savour this jar for the occasional taste of summer throughout the winter. 
Maple Butter - I have a recipe for this pinned to one of my boards on Pinterest though I've never tried it before - I'd love to tell you all the great things I put it on, but Marc and I took turns enjoying this with a spoon until there was nothing left of it. 
Thanks again CeeCee for putting together such a thoughtful package!  

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