Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cuppow and BNTO Giveaway

Eggnog Latte in the Regular Cuppow 

So you might remember Cuppow from back when I hosted the very first Giveaway on Cooking With Jax. 
I have been using my Cuppow for over a year now, and every single time it's on my cup I get a ton of people asking me where I found it.  It's not only a great conversation starter, but it is an extremely functional and useful product. 
A Cuppow is a lid that fits over a mason jar, turning it into the perfect to-go cup.  I've never been a huge fan of aluminium or plastic to-go mugs. I always find that hot drinks take on the flavours of the container they are put in, which is why I always use glass or ceramic to-go mugs.  Before Cuppow came along with their brilliant invention, I limited using mason jars as a mug to home, and other spill free environments.  Cuppow made it so that any household mason jar can be easily turned into a to go mug, and now... a lunch kit. 
When Cuppow sent me their new product BNTO to try, I was really excited!  So far I have been using it to take healthy breakfasts to work:
Yogurt and granola using the BNTO

Cereal and Milk using the BNTO

I know Marc will be this in his lunch for salads/dressing, veggies/dip, tortilla chips/salsa... the possibilities are endless! 
Cuppow has graciously offered to send one lucky reader their entire product lineup! 
The winner will receive:
1 regular Cuppow
1 wide mouth Cuppow
Tell me in the comments below, what would be in your mason jar?  
Good luck! 

I was not financially compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.  I simply love Cuppow and wanted share their wonderful product with you, my readers.  Must live in Canada or US to participate.  


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  1. Well! In my jar I'd do the yogurt in the wee BNTO cup with some of your home made Holy Crap cereal right below :D

    1. I like the way you think! :) Glad you enjoy the recipe.

  2. Jar would be used while in the car on long distance trips

  3. Mine would have a smoothie and chia sprinkles! Though I love the latte idea.

  4. Due to Recent WLS I can no longer use a straw and my high protein meals for the day would fit in my jar.

  5. I would love it, I am just getting into eating healthy and this would make my life so much easier. Thanks for all the amazing posts.


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