Monday, September 30, 2013

Trip 2013: The Oregon Coast

The Oregon Coast - I've got to say, was probably the most beautiful part of the US portion of our trip.  I fell in absolute love with all of the beauty this state has to offer. Since this was the last part of our trip before I was due in Seattle, we didn't get to spend near as much time there as we would have liked to.  As a result, I can see an entire trip devoted to just this area in our future. 

We spent as much time on the beaches as time would allow.  We brought our foldable camping chairs so often we would set them down at beach and alternate between walking along the shoreline, and sitting there, relaxing and enjoying the view. 

We managed to catch one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever seen - which was made even more amazing by the full moon rising in the background.  Both of the following pictures were taken by Marc - check out his blog for the full pictures, and more amazing pictures from our trip! 


We also met a really cool couple from California while we were there - another State on my travel bucket list.  They were incredibly friendly and were on a trip similar to ours - no real agenda, just their vehicle and the open road. Since they were heading to Canada, we filled them in on the best areas to check out (Moraine Lake being high up on that list). 

All in all, Oregon was an experience of a lifetime!  I told Marc if we ever had to move to the US for whatever reason, this is the state I would chose in a heartbeat! 
Stay tuned as my next blog post will be all about IFBC, the food conference that is the reason we took this trip in the first place!

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