Monday, September 16, 2013

Trip 2013: Montana

Our vacation has officially began! If you're been following me on Facebook you know that I'm spending the next week travelling around the North Western US, and the following week on Vancouver Island.

We got a bit of a late start on our way out on Saturday (if you know me personally, this won't surprise you in the least). After some last minute errands, we left home just before lunch.   We went through one of our favourite places, which is Jasper National Park, then continued heading South until we reached our first night's destination which was Fairmont, British Columbia.  Marc is quite the shutterbug so we stopped multiple times along the way and saw some really amazing things.  First we stopped off at Sunwapta Falls (which I will upload a video for as soon as we get to a place with a better wifi signal). 
After that we took in a nice hike around the Columbia Icefield.

 We also stopped by Petyo Lake, and then paid a visit to one of the most breathtaking places I have ever been to in my entire life (Moraine Lake). 
Marc taking it all in at Moriane Lake
We capped off the day with an evening soak at Radium Hot Springs and then finally arrived at Fairmont around 11pm. 
Yesterday was an another awesome day. We started off by visiting our second hot spring in less than 10 hours.  We were the first to arrive at Fairmont Hot Springs and nearly had the pool all to our self - it was incredibly luxurious!
After our soak we had a nice breakfast at a cafe with an amazing view of the mountains. 
We then headed to the US border and were on our way!   I was surprised at how easy it was to cross the border into Montana - there was no line-up whatsoever, and the entire process took less than 3 minutes total.   Once in Montana, we went to a cute little vintage style Cafe called "Cafe Jax" which I thought was pretty cool! 
Glacier National Park had some more breathtaking views - the cliffs there are pretty scary and when you are driving the roads are windy and narrow and there are no guard-rails!  I thought that was pretty crazy.  It was kind of scary looking over the edge - but also pretty jaw dropping views.   On this drive we met a really great hippie couple from California - they were on their way to Canada so we traded some advice for each other.  I didn't take very many pictures yesterday, was just busy taking it all in!  Marc took a bunch though, so be sure to check out his blog Nature Heals the Soul for more photo's from our trip! 
Well Marc is looking like he is really anxious to get back on the road, so off we go on another adventure...


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