Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar is a great way to use up any extra vanilla seeds from recipes that only require the pod. Vanilla sugar is great in your morning coffee, or mixed into recipes that require sugar for that nice, vanilla bean look.   I made a yummy fruit dip a few days ago and stirred in a sprinkle of this.  It looked amazing, and extra fancy with the vanilla bean accent!  

- 2 vanilla beans
- 1/2 cup sugar


Cut vanilla beans in half and scrape seeds out using a spoon. 

Reserve pod for vanilla extract, or another recipe. 

Combine vanilla seeds with 1/4 of the sugar and blend to a fine powder (a small blender such as the magic bullet works great for this).  While blending is not necessary,  it helps create a better aesthetic.  Otherwise, the beans tend to clump with the sugar, making for an uneven texture.

  Mix together with remaining sugar.  

  Voila!  You now have vanilla sugar!


- Nutritional Info (per tsp) -

Calories - 17   Fat - 0    Carbs - 4     Protein - 0    Fibre - 0

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