Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oreo Pops

Photos by Holly LaRochelle
My friend Holly and I made these to give out as Christmas gifts.  She found instructions on a blog (link here), and they looked really easy and yummy, so we decided to try them out.  
- 1 family sized box of Oreos (48)
- 4 boxes Bakers chocolate* (we used 1 box (8 squares) semi sweet, and 3 boxes (18 squares) white chocolate).  It worked out to be approx. 6 squares chocolate per 10 Oreos).
- assorted sprinkles

Additional Supplies
- 48 wooden coffee stir sticks (we found ours at the dollar store)
- 48 3 1/5 inch x 5 1/4 inch candy bags (we lucked out and found these at our local Walmart)
- 48 ribbons or foil twist ties
- 1-2 zip lock bags (or more depending on if you want to use different colours for drizzling chocolate).
- cookie sheets (or counter space)
- wax paper

* It's important to use Baker's chocolate (or something similar).  We tried to be thrifty by using white chocolate chips instead, and found the chocolate consistency to be too thick and not very desirable for dipping.  The Baker's chocolate was the perfect consistency for dipping, and gave a nice smooth finish.  It also stuck the Oreo's together better than the chocolate chips.

Start by separating the top from the Oreo cookie.  We started by using a knife to separate the two pieces, but found it easier to do by hand.  Do whichever works best for you.

Using one of the sticks, place a small dab of melted white chocolate in the centre of the Oreo.

Place the top Oreo piece on and press Oreo together, firmly (but not enough so to break the Oreos, we had that happen a few times!).  

Let Oreo's harden (by the time you are finished with the last Oreo, the first Oreo should be ready to dip).

Next, melt your chocolate.  We used 1 brick of chocolate at a time.  First, we chopped the chocolate into fine pieces to ease the melting process.  Next, we placed the chocolate into a glass bowl and microwaved in 3 - 30 second intervals, mixing the chocolate, and scraping the sides at each interval, until the chocolate was fully melted and smooth enough to dip.

Dip the Oreos in the melted chocolate and place on counter or cookie sheet lined with wax paper.  If you scrape the chocolate to the bottom half of the bowl, it makes dipping a lot easier!  Simply dip one side, flip over to coat the other side, and let chocolate drizzle to cover the bottom and sides of the Oreo.  We had to try this a few times before we got it right!

Cover dipped Oreo's with sprinkles (it is important to do this before the chocolate hardens). 

Let Oreos harden (refrigerating or popping into the freezer for a few minutes will speed up the process).

Put a small amount of melted chocolate into a ziplock bag.  Cut a very small tip off the end and drizzle chocolate over Oreo's in a zigzag pattern.

Allow to cool/harden once again.

After hardened, wrap and seal with a foil twist tie (or ribbon). 



  1. Tried these today! They are easy and they look awesome. Great idea!


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