Sunday, September 9, 2018

Charcuterie Featuring Martin's Apple Chips

This post was sponsored by Martin's Apple Chips.  I received monetary compensation and product in exchange for this post. As always, all thoughts and options are my 100% my own, and I only work with brands that I use in my own kitchen.
This past week social media accounts far and wide were flooded with the traditional first day back to school photos. I really enjoy scrolling through my friend's posts, seeing how much their family's have grown since I last saw them, and feeling nostalgic when their kids are entering a grade I vividly remember.  
As fun as back to school can be, it's also a whirlwind! Getting out of summer routines and juggling new schedules generally doesn't leave a lot of extra time for meal prep and planning. Last weekend I put together a charcuterie board for an event, and it occurred to me that a charcuterie would be the perfect weeknight dinner for those busy  days.  It's as easy as assembling meats, cheeses, fruits, nuts, and sauces on one large platter, plate, or board (less dishes!) and letting everyone fill up on their favourites. Charcuterie boards are also a fairly a safe option for picky eaters - they can pick and choose what they like, all the while having the opportunity to try new foods in a fun way. 
A pairing that will please both kids and adults alike are Martin's Apple Chips.  With 4 different varieties (original, caramel, cinnamon, and chocolate), apple chips are a fun and delicious way to eat fruit! Martin’s Apples are grown Canadian (Ontario) farm family who grow the apples.  Their apple chips work with many different food pairings making them ideal for charcuterie boards - they also dip well with caramel or even hummus. 
Martin’s Apple Chips are available across the country (Costco, Starbucks, Sobeys, Winners, Bulk Barn, Farm Boy and many other retailers).  When building your next charcuterie board, be sure to give them a try!  
Charcuterie Board Ingredient Ideas
Martin’s Apple Chips
- Cured Meats
- Smoked Meats
- Fresh Fruits
- Dried Fruits
- Fresh Vegetables
- Pickled Vegetables
- Nuts
- Seeds
- Flavoured Sea Salts
- Jams/Jellies
- Mustard
- Crackers or Bread
Arrange ingredients on a wooden board,  (I have a nice wooden cutting board I used to use before a friend gifted me with a beautiful charcuterie board). 
I try to choose a minimum of 3 meats and cheeses, and then I decorate the rest of the board with whatever fruits, vegetables, pickles, and sauces I have on hand.  

What are your favourite charcuterie board items?  Tell me in the comments below! 


  1. I love love Martin's Apple Chips! And paired with that beautiful charcuterie is a win win for kids and grown-ups!

  2. Thumbs up. I'm sure my kids would love this.


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