Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Planetbox Review

Planetbox sent me this product to review, though all opinions are 100% my own. 

Happy Earth Month!  April 22nd is Earth Day and I've decided to celebrate all month long by pairing up with a bunch of great eco-friendly companies to bring you a ton of great reviews & giveaways!  Kicking everything off is my Planetbox Review - which is quite possibly one of the best lunch kits I have ever tried.  
I first heard of Planetbox when I saw them on Ellen while Allison Hannigan was a guest on the show.  Allison uses the 'Rover' lunchbox for her little girls to make really cute and creative bento boxes!  After that I started noticing the bento boxes that were popping up everywhere online. Sure enough nearly every time I saw a cute bento box someone had put together, it was nestled inside of a Planetbox!  
When Planetbox offered to send me their new 'Launch' to try and review, I was elated!  In addition to the 'Rover' and the 'Launch', they also have a smaller snack sized box called the 'Shuttle'. 
From left to right: 'Launch', 'Rover', and 'Shuttle'.

My Launch also came came with a cute insulated black carrying case.  I often have lunchtime meetings, so this is the perfect professional looking lunch kit to carry with me for work.  If you're looking for a more bold look, they also come in several other colours and styles. 

In addition to the carrying case, each Planetbox comes with a set of magnets (which you can also customize) to personalize your lunch kit.   Mine came with dry erase magnets which I thought were brilliant!  You can write yourself little reminders or your kids can even draw you pictures on them to brighten your day!  :) 

The Launch also comes with a 'Satellite Dish' which you can put in the large compartment to hold food that needs to be heated up, or that you would like to keep separate from your other foods. 

Another extra item that it comes with is the 'Tall Dipper' which you can use for condiments, dips, or spreads, or even small snacks (I used mine for humus).  

All in all I really loved the Planetbox, and I'm so happy that I now have one as for my lunch kit!  I can envision using it for picnics this summer, and to pack fresh fruits and veggies for day trips in the future!  Thanks to the makers of Planetbox for such a wonderful product!

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  1. Sold! Awesome. I can't wait.

  2. Still waiting for a reusable lunch box that will hold a thermos with it !!


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