Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Little Life Box Review/Giveaway

Ever since I joined Foodie Pen Pal's a few years ago, I have been obsessed with the idea of receiving random packages of food samples in the mail.  I get some of the coolest stuff - product's I would have never even thought of trying!  
The Little Life Box is a monthly subscription box that just launched in December.  Their concept is to take the guesswork out of finding green, healthy products.  Rather than drop some serious cash on an entire package of a product you may not love, you'll get to try a sample from a variety of Canadian products.  A box of over a dozen goodies is shipped right to your door around the middle of each month for $19.99 (plus $3 shipping to any province).  The folk's over at The Little Life Box were kind enough to send me one of their launch boxes to try - and I have to say I was pretty impressed! 
First and foremost, I just wanted to say how much I love the packaging that this box came in.  The second I opened it, I was greeted with some seriously awesome owl tissue paper and a note attached to a teeny tiny close pin - so cute!  
The contents inside the box were really intriguing! 

Greek Yogurt Blueberry Acai Bar
As much as I want to try this, Marc loves both Greek Yogurt and Blueberry's so I'm going to throw this in his lunch kit so he can enjoy it at work! 

Organic Nuggets
These are absolutely wonderful!  I love fruit snacks and I buy this brand often.  I haven't tried the apple kind yet, so I was happy to see it amongst the package.  I think I like it even better than the raspberry flavour I usually buy! 

Back to Earth Naturals - Face & Body Mud Mask
100% Natural Organic Moor Mud from Hungarian Lake Heviz, the largest thermal lake in Europe
I've never actually tried a body mask before, so I'm looking forward to using this product!  I also thought it was really great that it's completely natural and un-alterted!   I love that The Little Life Box includes not only green and healthy snacks, but green and healthy beauty products as well! 

Omega Chews
These are Omega 3 Fish Oil Chews in gummy form!  They tasted really great, and not at all like fish oil!  These would be awesome for kids.

Epsom Gel
This is the product that I am most excited to see!  We go through 4L of Epson Salts every month or so (Marc uses them to sooth sore muscles), so I knew that this product would get used.  Sure enough, Marc was reaching for it the day after I received this box.  It has a really pleasant smell, not surprisingly, exactly like epsom salts! 

Hemp Hearts
I use this brand frequently and buy the largest bag I can find whenever I head to Costco.  Hemp Hearts have a distinct nutty taste that goes great in yogurt or on peanut butter toast!  I will definitely be sharing this smaller pouch with my friends - perhaps for Foodie Pen Pal's next month? 

Whole Body
I'm not a huge fan of the flavour of most protein powders and I'm still on the search for the right one.  I haven't tried this brand yet so I'm looking forward to seeing how it tastes! 

Mighty Leaf Tea
I have a slight obsession with tea.  I have about a million different kinds of tea, and always still feel the need to buy more for myself.  This package came with 3 different samples - I'm going to throw these in my desk at work and share them with the folk's at the office. 

Xylo Sweet/Spry Mints
I'm not a huge fan of sugar replacements.  I absolutely hate artificial sweeteners, and even though this one is 100% all natural, I'm still not all that interested in trying it.  I'm going to give these sugar packs to my husband's little brother Quinn.  Quinn has Type 1 Diabetes so he is constantly using these types of sweeteners.  I know he will appreciate trying a natural alternative! 

These are getting used the next time I'm feeling under the weather!  They are a healthier version of powdered drinks and seem like a great way to get extra Vitamin C in your diet.  

Aroma Crystal - Gardner's Dream Cream
These are from Salt Spring Island, BC!  Having just been there recently I was really excited to see this product! My Father in Law is visiting us right now and he and my husband were complaining about how dry their hands were.  I grabbed one of these samples and it was more than enough for all of us to try.  It's extremely fragrant and smells like essential oils.  Reminds me of salt spring island for sure! 
All in all I was really happy with this box, I can't wait to see what January's box has to offer!  Luckily The Little Life Box offered to send their January box to not just one, but two lucky readers!  Giveaway is open to Canada only. 
Good Luck! 
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  1. What an awesome idea! I'll be à future customer for sure!

  2. The Hemp Hearts interest me the most.

    Samantha V.

  3. I'm so sick... ener-c for me!

  4. The Epsom gel is the most interesting to me

  5. The Whole Body protein powder interests me most! Due to a health condition I get most nutrients through smoothies / juices / other smooshed things :) ALWAYS looking for a great way to add variety to my daily smoothies.

  6. Face & Mud Mask would be wicked to try.

  7. Back to Earth Naturals - Face & Body Mud Mask


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