Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer: a visit with our nieces!

The past few weeks our (soon to be) 15 year old niece Gillian was visiting with us.  She lives a 5 hour drive from us so for the past few years she has stayed with us for a week or two in the summer.  

We usually bake something together while she is here, and this time was no exception.  The first evening she was here I was getting this post ready so needless to say she wanted to make cookies.  Instead of chocolate chips, we used Reeses Pieces and Mini Reeses - the results were delicious!   

About a week or so after Gillian arrived, her parents and little sisters Ella (6) and Aline (3) arrived for a visit!  The little girlies loved helping me water my garden while they were here:

We took them for an fun afternoon at our local spray park where they had an absolute blast - especially Ella who laughed with glee every time the water splashed her! 

On one of her last nights here we had a crazy downpour of rain.  It came down hard and fast, and in less than an hour we had just under 50 mm.  As you can see, the street outside our house flooded like crazy.

We made the most of the rain and all piled into the car and drove through puddles for a bit - good times all around! 

I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far!  It's hard to believe it's coming to a close soon - I'll be loving each and every moment leading up until the very last day!  

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