Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Long 2013

Happy May Long Weekend!  Marc was finally able to come home for a visit this weekend (he's living with my brother in Edmonton while he's in school - his 4th and final year of Electrical).  It's his first time home in 6 weeks so we have been making the most of our weekend together. 
Yesterday we had a really great day playing in the sun.  We hiked the Sulphur Skyline in Jasper National Park (6 km of a straight incline, I am still feeling the burn a day later, while I write this.).  The view was AMAZING - I can't wait to take this hike again.

After hiking in the mountains all day, we drove into Jasper and had dinner and drinks at a restaurant with a rooftop patio. 

After hiking all day, we both had steaks on the mind so we each ordered a New York Steak with baked macaroni. 

For dessert we went to The Fudgery in Jasper.  This place is really great because you get to watch the candy makers creating the delicious masterpieces you are about to consume.  It's also the first place that Marc and I met.  
Back in the summer of 2000 when Marc was first living in Jasper, he was one of the candy makers at this very shop. One of my first jobs was also in Jasper, coincidently right next door.  Fast forward a few years later to when we had started dating.  We were having one of those "get to know you" conversations and discussing the fact that we both worked in Jasper the same year.  Suddenly we put 2 and 2 together and realized who the other was.  He was the cute guy I used to buy watermelon popcorn from after my shift, and I was the girl that his roommate (and fellow candy maker) Pierce had a crush on!  Years later when he reconnected with Pierce, he told him that he ended up marrying "that cute girl from Jasper".   Now, every time we go into Jasper together, we make sure to stop at The Fudgery and pick up some candy.

I love how they name the candy after the beautiful nearby scenery "Mountains, Ice Fields, Glaciers, Iceburg..."

After we snacked on our candy we texted a couple of friends and made plans to meet up at Miette for a soak in the mineral filled hot springs.  We ended the night completely relaxed - needless to say after all that fresh air we both had a great night's sleep! 
Today while Marc gets some homework done, I plan on catching up on some work (though I would hardly consider gardening, writing, and studying my wine's hard work!  Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Sunday to me!  :) 
So tell me, how are you spending your long weekend? 


  1. Wowza now that is some fantastic looking candy.

    Great love story!


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