Sunday, July 8, 2012

Peach Lemonade

Ah, it's officially summer!  Summer is a more important time than ever to ensure you stay well hydrated and lemonade is such a classic summertime beverage.  I love this method of making lemonade, and I'm excited to be sharing it in this week's edition of The Hinton Voice as well!  The Voice just went digital which is great news for those of you who are out of town and would like to subscribe.  Be sure to head on over to their website for all the details! 
[Peaches and lemonade – two of my summertime favorites.  Both make a common appearance in my fridge this time of year, so it was only natural that I would eventually try and combine the two.  I have to say, I was pretty pleased with the results.  You could mix equal parts with club soda or ginger ale for punch, or even add a splash or two of vodka or rum for a more adult beverage.  This peach lemonade would be great at the beach, on a picnic, or even out camping.

There is nothing better on a hot summer’s day than a nice tall refreshing glass of ice-cold lemonade.   I’m not talking about the powdered kinds that try and pass themselves off as something that actually contains real fruit.  I’m talking the freshly squeezed, kind your Grandmother would have made right before heading out to the porch swing type of lemonade… this lemonade is exactly that.  

Making homemade lemonade is a lot less complicated than it sounds - I remember after the first time I made lemonade, I wondered why I didn’t try making it sooner.  It’s one of those great, no-fail types of recipes that’s great for beginners.  If it’s not sweet enough for you, simply add more sugar.  If it’s too sweet, another lemon should do the trick.  In less than 10 minutes from start to finish, I had an empty mason jar in my hand staring back at me, urging me to pour a second glass.]  

-        4-6 lemons (you’ll need 1 cup of lemon juice)
-        zest from 1 lemon
-        2 ripe peaches
-        1 cup sugar
-        5 cups filtered water


Zest your lemon peel, being careful not to zest any of the bitter white pith beneath the rind.

Combine sugar, 1-cup water, and lemon zest and bring to a boil over medium heat stirring frequently.  Once mixture reaches a boil, cook for an additional 1-2 minutes until the sugar is completely dissolved.   Remove from heat.

Roll lemons on your counter with the palm of your hand to loosen the flesh.   Hint: Lemon’s juice better when they are at room temperature, so if you store your lemons in a cool place pop them into the microwave for a couple of seconds before you start. 

Slice lemons in half and squeeze as much juice from each lemon as you can until you have a cup of juice.  I have a hand held wooden citrus juicer that works great for this step.

Remove the pits from your peaches and place them in a blender along with the lemon juice and blend well.  Strain pulp and place juice in a large pitcher along with the lemon syrup.   Add remaining 4 cups of water and stir well to combine all ingredients.

Serve over ice with a piece of lemon or mint for garnish. 


- Nutritional Info (1 cup) -

Calories - 95   Fat - 0    Carbs – 26     Protein - 0   Fibre – 0


  1. This looks so refreshing! I love trying new types of lemonade in the summer.

    1. Thanks Carrie! Summer and lemonade - it doesn't get much better than that. :)

  2. Any idea how many this will serve? It looks terrific.

  3. I made this the other day but the peaches are not ripe enough yet. It was good but not peachy enough. I will try again in a couple of months when the peaches are better. But, I got to thinking this recipe would work with other fruit so following the recipe I used raspberries and it's pretty darn yummy! I'll be using this recipe (with peaches and/or other fruit) many more times over the summer! It's easy and tasty. :)


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