Sunday, April 3, 2011

Breakfast Baby Potatoes

I made this recipe by chance one day trying to come up with a good side for breakfast with what I had on hand.  It has potatoes, bacon and yogurt... all excellent breakfast foods.  You could easily serve this for a side at dinner as well in place of a baked potato; it goes great with steak!  :)


Approx 30 small baby potatoes (400 grams)
6 Slices of Lilydale Daystarters Turkey Bacon (or your favourite bacon or ham)
2 whole green onions
1 tbsp butter
1/4 cup (8 tbsp) Greek Yogurt


You're going to want to start by boiling the baby potatoes whole.  Baby potatoes require very little cooking time, about 10-15 minutes in boiling water should do.  Be sure to drain well before moving them to your frying pan. 

I love Lilydale Daystarters.  They are NOTHING like other types of turkey bacon, at at only 25 calories per slice, whats not to love?

Coarsley chop your bacon. 

Slice green onions and set aside.

Preheat frying pan on medium heat.  Melt the butter (this will help your potatoes and bacon turn a nice golden brown and really enhances the flavour of the dish).  Add the boiled potatoes and bacon and fry for about 10 minutes, or until bacon and potatoes have a golden brown hue. Add the chopped green onions in the last two minutes of cooking.

Top each serving with 2 tbsp greek yogurt (greek yogurt is a thick yogurt that is a great sour cream substitute). 


Nutritional Info without yogurt (1/4 recipe)
Calories - 135    Fat - 5     Carbs - 16     Protein - 9     Iron - 4    Fibre - 2

Nutritional Info with yogurt (1/4 recipe)
Calories - 160    Fat - 7     Carbs - 17     Protein - 10     Iron - 4    Fibre - 2


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