Sunday, June 4, 2017

Edible Cookie Painting

It’s no secret that in addition to cooking, I am also a huge fan of art and creativity. This recipe is the perfect example of when two of my favourite pastimes combine. 

I first started painting when I was a young teen.  I took lessons from a local artist, and painted my first canvas, which is hanging on the wall beside me as I write this.  My brother built me an easel in wood shop, and for a time, my painting gear always came with me wherever I went - especially on family vacations where I would spend hours on the beach painting.  It’s been several years since I’ve really just sat down and painted, until I started experimenting with cookies as the canvas.

Last year for the holidays, Sarah and I set out to master sugar cookies and I quickly realized there was a bit of a learning curve to painting cookies with royal icing.  It turns out it wasn’t nearly as quick and easy as the countless YouTube videos I binge watched indicated it would be (mad props to Sarah though, her cookies were works of art).

Determined to create something beautiful that required less time and supplies, I experimented with a few different methods and settled on this style of cookie painting as my favourite.  It’s quick, easy, and you can freeze sugar cookies in advance for a fun and creative rainy day activity.  
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